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appliance repair in fresno

We are licensed and insured with professional service technicians that pass through rigorous training and strict background checks .

appliance repair in fresno ca

Our company is factory authorized and trained to work on most brands of major home appliances.

appliance repairs fresno ca

We service a wide area in the Fresno and Clovis areas - from Modesto to Tulare, Los Banos to Lemoore. Service rates may vary depending on location.


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With every visit by Appliance Service Plus for microwave repair Fresno CA we deliver turnkey, efficient results. We focus on the microwave issue at hand and work quickly to resolve your problem. Our team wants you to have a safe and comfortable experience and is always looking for the best solution for you to leave with a positive experience of our visit. We want to do your microwave repair all while building trust and confidence in our service abilities. It’s our hope that you will want to work with us on future repairs of other home appliances well beyond this first visit.

Appliance Service Plus has been committed to microwave repair Fresno CA for over 50 years. As the leading microwave repair company in the Central Valley, we are constantly committed to  on bringing you reliability and professionalism you can trust. Our trained microwave repair technicians are multi-skilled and factory trained - we come prepared with knowledge and experience to repair your microwave the first time.. In addition, working with our team is always a safe and friendly experience; we enter your home with a smile and commitment to solve your problem in a timely manner.

At Appliance Service Plus, we want to take the hassle and stress out of your microwave repair. Instead of trying a DIY solution to your microwave problem, let us fix it right from the start and reduce hassle and stress.  In need of a fix in the microwave repair Fresno CA area? Contact us via phone at (559) 446-1071 or fill out our scheduling form above to start your service call. One of our agents will be in touch to get your service started and dispatch a technician to your area. Our team wants to help you get your microwave issue resolved so you can get your kitchen back in working order.

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Have you tried an unsuccessful hack for your microwave repair Fresno? Many of our service calls are in response to quick fix situations that didn’t work or damage because of trying to do-it-yourself. Instead of trying to find a DIY solution to repairing your microwave, let us resolve the issue the right way the first time around. Our team has a collective 60+ years of microwave repair experience.

It’s our guarantee to diagnose your issue quickly and give you a fair estimate - our team will finish your service job in a timely manner so you can having to waste time hand washing dishes when you already have so much on your plate. Our team is factory trained on a wide variety of brands (we do microwave repair whirlpool and microwave repair GE, for example) With all makes and models  we come ready and skilled to find your right repair solution to save you time and stress. Skip the hassle of a figuring out the project yourself and contact us to solve the issue for you.


The Appliance Service Plus team is authorized and factory trained to work on your microwave repair. We have worked with a wide range of makes and models.We specialize in Microwave repair Whirlpool and Microwave repair GE service issues along with many other major manufacturer brands. We have the wide range of experience and training to meet your service needs. Each technician comes to work on your microwave regardless of its' age; our team is prepared to work on a newer Smart model or a model from a couple decades ago. Our wide breadth of experience serving many major brands, we are here to find a solution for you!

Appliance Service Plus is highly recommended for microwave repair Fresno CA and surrounding areas. But it’s not just locals that are calling us! Several large retail chains and manufacturers like Home Depot and Lowe’s trust us to do extended warranty and manufacturer repairs. This is because of the longstanding service reputation we’ve gained over the years for our first-class service and experience. You can be rest assured that our team is here to solve your problem and do it correctly. We always aim to go above and beyond in your microwave repair service visit, leaving your microwave in excellent operating condition for some time to come!


Our experience goes past just microwave repair Fresno!  Our highly trained team works on a large variety of other appliances – from washer and dryers to refrigerators and stoves, we are the one-stop shop for all your appliance repair needs in Fresno and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to inquire about or other services or for an estimate on appliance repair you’ve been putting off.  While we are in your home is the perfect time to check out and ask about other appliance service needs that we can solve for you.

Our team is always looking to find our customers the right answer to their problem in a timely way. After our microwave repair Fresno service call, we want to walk away from your home and have your stress and worry lifted! We could go on, but we’d like to share with you a few of the amazing testimonials we’ve gotten from happy customers. We’d would love to be able to add you to this list!

Appliance Repair

They were able to come out the morning after my call. They diagnosed the problem quickly, and ordered the part (special item) right then. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Appliance Repair

Repair was done quickly and everything works well. Repairman was in touch more than once prior to arrival to keep me posted. Repairman was very polite and even went a little beyond what I expected reconnecting unit and moving it to it’s original location. Very impressed.

Appliance Repair

Excellent service. The gentlemen who came out was so very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and respectful of my home. Problem was solved and would highly recommend this company. I will call them again for any future services needed.

We’re here for you whenever you need us for your microwave repair Fresno CA need!  Let’s set up a time for a service visit  – call our  office at  (559) 446-1071 to schedule your next appointment or fill out our scheduling form above to get started with your microwave fix!  Our customer service agent will promptly call you to get one of our microwave repairmen to your home to find you a solution. Upon our visit, we will diagnose the problem, deliver an estimate and upon your go-ahead,  service and/or repair your microwave so you can get back to not using your stove or oven for every meal! We are committed to a job done right.

It’s our mission at Appliance Service Plus to become your first choice  in future microwave servicing needs and other household appliance repairs. We want you to be able to recommend your family and friends for our services as well! With Fresno-based roots, our team is very loyal and committed to serving the community with all your microwave repair Fresno CA needs!

Our Commitment

Appliance Service Plus technicians are trained to operate using safety and hygenic best-practices while we’re working in your home. You can trust that our providers take every precaution to ensure your repairs are completed safely, and the work we do is to manufacturer specifications and of the highest quality.

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